Since 2016, The Black Business Tour has used its brand to increase the visibility of Black-owned businesses, and provide opportunities for greater exposure. Our marketing efforts assist companies in acquiring new customers, and help to provide business development through lead generation. Our efforts are achieved through both online and offline channels.


Our Mission

The Black Business Tour spotlights and promotes Black-owned businesses in every community. The Tour addresses the needs of those seeking active ways to support Black-owned businesses without feeling pressured to do so. We create an environment where guests feel as if they are enjoying an experience with other like minds, with a goal in mind that collective support is less of a burden and more leisure time with friends. By joining The Tour, you share in this cause, to ensure that Black-owned businesses thrive as the rest of the world evolves around them. 

We don’t just have experiences, we create them.
— Mone't Lamb, Founder - The Black Business Tour

What We've Achieved

  • Grassroots marketing efforts towards greater foot traffic to businesses
  • Curated experiences which enhance products and services for businesses
  • Engagement forums through social platforms for businesses and customers 
  • Successful targeted and influential efforts for our customers who collectively support businesses 
  • Measurable volume success of new and repeat business
  • Increased exposure to small businesses who are mobile/home/web-based